Europe Village Abruzzo

Shape and Share Innovation

Consulting and Development

submission and management of European projects

Support and Assistance

for development of business ideas and start-ups

Europe Village Abruzzo (EVA) was founded in 2013 as an informal team of professionals competent in various fields of law, linguistics, economics, formation, trans nationality, graphics, architecture, all knowledgeable in euro project techniques.

We firmly believe that innovative and international processes, combined with targeted investments, hold the key to future success and to the rebirth of the social fabric in Abruzzo, Italy and Europe.

It is for this, that we can help give shape to and share your innovative ideas and we can help you reach your long term objectives for your business and to help you Start Up.

Public and private formation and consultancy. European funding management, community projects, partnerships, educational planning and project management.

Marco Di Sebastiano

Founder, consultant, European project manager and developer.

Planning and management of professional training, both financial and private. Direct and indirect community funding management from both international and local partners.

Barbara Bozza

Cofounder, development manager, European project manager.


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